Wedding Favors

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With over 500 selections to choose from, Magic Moments is the ultimate one-stop solution for wedding and party favors. Unlike some of the so called "designer favors" out there - our favors don't just look good, they are good.

Feel free to browse our extensive online catalog to check out our selection for yourself. Then give us a call, and let us do the rest!

Digital Photo Favors

Magic Moments is also proud to present Digital Photo Favors, unique party favors that transform occasions into memories.

Each guest is professionally photographed with a digital camera as they arrive to your event. During the event, the photos are printed on quality photo paper and placed in a durable, attractive frame.

On their way home, each guest receives their framed photograph of themselves at your event, providing them with a cherished keepsake and ensuring that your wedding, mitzvah, prom, birthday party or corporate function will be remembered by all.

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